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Fire Cider

The full moon will rise tonight, a super one this time, meaning it will appear closer and bigger than usual, and often has a bright orange/pink hue, the perfect time to make fire cider.

Nature Noughts and Crosses

Now that families are being asked to stay at home and wander only within a two kilometre radius, the reality for many is that woodlands and beaches are no longer available to them.  Some people may count themselves very lucky to have a green… Continue Reading “Nature Noughts and Crosses”

Nature Play, the antidote to all

Living without TV or radio, and while not quite as bad as dial-up, but I do have to plug my laptop in to a LAN cable each time I want to access the internet, it is always a very conscious decision for me to… Continue Reading “Nature Play, the antidote to all”

Rainy days & water play

The recent rainy weather has many despairing, and I can remember well from my days as a primary teacher how challenging it was for all of us on the days the children didn’t get to go outside at break times.  The problem in those… Continue Reading “Rainy days & water play”

Twilight Adventures

We may be coming into longer days but there will still be times with busy schedules whereby darkness has set in before we can manage to find time to get out in nature.  This is seen by some as a deterrent to venturing outside,… Continue Reading “Twilight Adventures”

Nature Journals

A great way to encourage children and ourselves to slow down and observe what is around us in nature is to bring along a journal with us on our trips to the woods or the seashore and sketch, map or write about all that… Continue Reading “Nature Journals”

Family Tree

I recently spent a few days with my father, who lives next door to the house where I grew up.  My brother and his family are living in the old family home now.  Often when children grow up and parents move there can be… Continue Reading “Family Tree”

Weather always looks worse through a window

We are having an unseasonably sunny spell here in the west of Ireland at the moment, and if feels almost as though summer has decided to pop back for a brief visit, to remind us of the heady feeling of warm sun on our… Continue Reading “Weather always looks worse through a window”

Musical Instruments

With the recent winds and the autumnal equinox just passed there are plenty of leaves freshly fallen to the forest floor ready to be enjoyed in a multitude of ways.  Personally I love the sound of the crisp leaves underfoot as I meander through… Continue Reading “Musical Instruments”

Treasure Cones

With the taste of autumn in the air, cooler and shorter days leave no doubt but that summer has passed for another year.  There is something refreshing in observing the seasons and being reminded that there is a time for everything.  The woods are… Continue Reading “Treasure Cones”