Let Them Play

“Play is the work of the child.” Maria Montessori

I am very aware that many parents are overwhelmed by trying to homeschool, while also working from home. There is a lot of fear and anxiety in our lives at the moment, and adding the stress of daily battles over school work is surely only worsening it. There are many ways to learn, and in my opinion, filling in endless worksheets is the least effective way.

So let your children play.

If you have the time, try and get outdoors, be curious and let nature be your guide.  But also remember that daily family life provides many learning opportunities.  Ask the children to help you to write the shopping list, cook or bake together reading recipes or creating your own, set the table and count how many knives and

forks are needed.  Never underestimate the learning that comes from performing these simple tasks.  Make time to read each day, and you can be sure that your children are learning.  It may just look a little different to school life, but then again, it may be all the richer for it.

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