Month: September 2018

Musical Instruments

With the recent winds and the autumnal equinox just passed there are plenty of leaves freshly fallen to the forest floor ready to be enjoyed in a multitude of ways.  Personally I love the sound of the crisp leaves underfoot as I meander through… Continue Reading “Musical Instruments”

Treasure Cones

With the taste of autumn in the air, cooler and shorter days leave no doubt but that summer has passed for another year.  There is something refreshing in observing the seasons and being reminded that there is a time for everything.  The woods are… Continue Reading “Treasure Cones”

Rock pools

The summer has been such a wonderful time of outdoor adventures both with adults and with little ones alike.  More time was spent at the beach than in the woods, however I was lucky to spend time in a place where the woods would… Continue Reading “Rock pools”