As soon as I met Laura I felt that she was a special person. My son who was 3 and a half was struggling with settling in play school. Laura immediately recognised and adapted seamlessly to his needs. She was wonderful with him and he gradually warmed to her and slowly began to trust. Over the year and a half he spent with her doing weekly forest school trips, he blossomed while his curiosity and confidence grew. He is now about to start junior infants and he is constantly outside climbing trees, building dens, finding bugs to identify and his creativity has flourished. He will pick up any creepy crawlie, loves all animals and has wonder and respect for the forest. I put a lot of this down to the amazing time he spent with Laura in the woods. 

-Jill, mother


Laura is an exceptional forest school leader and mentor. She is caring, kind, always attentive and eager to listen to little voices; mesmerizing in telling tall tales and weaves knowledge, magic and awe into her forest school sessions. Our daughter loved her time in the woods with Laura and grew and learned so many wonderful things. Huge thanks x

-Joanne, mother, teacher & forest school leader


Laura brings so much passion to what she does. Kids learn to respect nature, they learn wilderness skills and how to safely take risks, they learn to trust themselves and they get the chance to develop a deeper connection with nature which is so positive for their mental/spiritual health and all aspects of learning. I’m so grateful that my son has forest school as part of his education. Thank you Laura.

-Eleanor, mother


I cannot recommend Laura enough.  Our four year old was lucky to have her as his forest teacher each week and she made nature and woodlands a captivating freedom for him.  He will never forget her and neither will we.

-Caitriona, mother


Highly recommend Laura to anyone interested in outdoor education. She is fantastic and provides children with wonderful opportunities. Who could ever have imagined the kind of fun you can have in the great outdoors, making bug hotels, collecting treasure, making bird feeders and of course the famous swing from the trees. Truly wonderful.

-Helen, teacher and mother


A wonderful primary school teacher and advocate of outdoor forest schooling and its incredible holistic benefits. Laura worked very closely with the Nurture by Nature children at the time and was a cherished forest school leader to us all. My two children have been so blessed to have experienced many beautiful hours in the wild with her. So grateful for her expertise and her love of connecting our youth with nature and the outdoors.

-Elaine, teacher and mother

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