Twilight Adventures

We may be coming into longer days but there will still be times with busy schedules whereby darkness has set in before we can manage to find time to get out in nature.  This is seen by some as a deterrent to venturing outside, but in fact, just like every kind of weather, the different times of day bring their own bit of magic to our nature adventures.

My nephew’s current favourite pastime when I go to visit, is to head out after dinner, at twilight, sometimes later, and head into the copse of trees near his home where there are some perfect climbers.  These are trees that he has climbed countless times in daylight, knowing their strengths and weaknesses, which branches will definitely hold his weight and which ones might need a more tentative touch before launching fully onto them.  However, add to this the novelty of following the moon on evenings when it is bright in the sky, or sometimes choosing to wear a head torch, or not, on those cloudy moonless nights, and all of a sudden tree climbing has taken on a whole new element of thrill and wonder.

He often chooses to leave the shoes behind and climb barefoot, claiming he has better grip and can really feel with his whole body how the tree responds to his weight.  I follow behind, moving far less nimbly than his six year old body allows, never quite making it to the same heights, but delighted to be sharing these moments together outdoors in nature, feeling the elements on our skin and finding joy in the simple pleasures that abound by just getting outside.


Why not try some twilight adventures yourself, hide and seek has become another favourite, as has bouncing on the trampoline with head torch, following each others light to know where it is safe to jump.  There are endless options to make the evenings that little bit more exciting while getting your dose of vitamin N.


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