Fire Cider

The full moon will rise tonight, a super one this time, meaning it will appear closer and bigger than usual, and often has a bright orange/pink hue, the perfect time to make fire cider.

I’ll be straining the last batch I made on March’s full moon and starting a new mixture to keep myself and my neighbours going for as long as this pandemic continues.  It’s a wonderful way to engage the kids in looking after our own health.  The boys next door spend hours making potions, so were delighted to help me last month in making a real potion that they could drink and that would help to keep sickness at bay.  We added a bit of fun and mysticism to the whole affair by each encanting a spell as we stirred the mixture, and then bringing the large kilner jar outside and raising it to the full mooning, howling as we did so.

So why not make your own fire cider and howl at the moon tonight, taking back a little bit of power that so many of us feel we have lost in the current situation.

For those of you unfamiliar with fire cider, it is a concoction of apple cider vinegar, steeped for weeks in onion, garlic, ginger, turmeric, horseradish, chili pepper and other fantastic ingredients that really boost the immune system.  They recommend making it on a full or new moon, and allowing it to sit for four to six weeks before straining, again either on a full or new moon.  I have had to strain my mixture after two weeks, due to running out of mix, as I often end up sharing it with anyone who is coming down with something, and end up short for myself.  It works perfectly well in that time frame, so feel free to strain it on the next new moon, on April 23rd.  Anyone I have shared this with has come straight back to me looking for the recipe in order to make it for themselves, so impressed are they by its healing power.

With the current pandemic taking place globally it is very important that we take all of the steps that we can to boost our immune systems and keep ourselves in the best possible health.  It has wonderful antiviral properties, and I’m very grateful to add this to my regime of self care.  Normally it is recommended to take a shot daily after breakfast for the winter months, and then use it only if you feel you are coming down with something the rest of the year.  I’ll be continuing to take a daily shot while the coronavirus is still around.

Click on photos to enlarge for ingredients and method.  Thanks to Sharon Whelan for the recipe.



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