I came home recently to find that the enterprising boys next door had been hard at work chopping my bigger logs down to size for my stove. While I was very grateful, their price was a little steep!! I haggled them down to a cup of hot chocolate each the next morning. While enjoying that outside in the sunshine we decided to head off for a cycle together, my tour guides showing me the back roads around my new home. T (9) stopped when he spotted some sheep’s wool stuck in barbed wire and pocketed it. Just a few days previously we had been sewing bedding for animals and stuffing it with cotton wool.  “Perfect for stuffing bedding,” I said.  “No,” he said, “whenever I have a really good day I find something to keep as a reminder.”  “A memento,” I said.

A reminder to us all that it is the simple things that children remember and hold dear.  For those of you finding this extended time of no school/routine challenging, I urge you to get outside, go explore, play a game, just have the chats.  These things are often overlooked in the busyness of a normal week.  Embrace the slower pace of life and make memories together.

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