ADVENT-ure Calendar

With December only a few days away, it’s time to get ready for three and a half weeks of micro adventures. A nice change from the chocolate filled calendars that we are all so used to, the ADVENT-ure calendar offers 24 reasons to get outside each day and connect with nature, ranging from as simple as “jump in puddles”, “give a tree a hug” and “howl at the full moon”.

I came across the idea of an ADVENT-ure Calendar a few years ago and have enjoyed sharing it with those I love, both young and old, each year since.  For each day of Advent the calendar proposes a new adventure. Keeping it simple is perhaps the best way of ensuring that you can find the time each day, and remember, you can always swap days, if there has been no rain and therefore no puddles, substitute it with another adventure, until the rain arrives, as it always does in Ireland, and those puddles are just calling out to be splashed through. 

Cut up some paper or card into 24 pieces, writing the numbers 1 to 24 on one side of each. On the reverse side write the day’s micro adventure. Hang a long piece of twine or string and peg the cards with the number side facing out. Each day unpeg your micro adventure, head outside, and enjoy!

24 ideas:

1. make a stick creature

2. find two mini beasts

3. create a bug hotel

4. sit outside and note all the sounds you hear

5. find pictures in the clouds

6. make a Christmas decoration for your tree

7. find something that makes you smile

8. howl at the moon (December 8th this year)

9. find somewhere peaceful and sit and relax for two minutes

10. create a picture using leaves

11. jump in puddles

12. hug a tree

13. spot three different types of birds

14. find something smooth, prickly, rough

15. write your name with sticks/leaves/pebbles

16. head outside after dark and count the stars

17. find a stick the length of your arm

18. whittle a stick (vegetable peelers are great for this)

19. drink hot chocolate under the stars

20. move around outside like an animal of your choice

21. watch an insect on the move

22. find a leaf as big as your hand

23. see how many colours you can find in nature

24. leave out crumbs/seeds/nuts for the birds

Adapt these or create your own, thinking of the space around you, and enjoy connecting to nature right on your doorstep.

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