Advent-ure calendar

With so much of the run up to Christmas revolving around all things material, and chocolate, it’s always lovely to find ways to celebrate in a more natural manner. I came across the idea of an ADVENT-ure Calendar a few years ago and have enjoyed sharing it with those I love, both young and old, each year since. Living alongside three outdoor loving children, I was only delighted to start a new tradition with them on this, our first Christmas season together. For each day of Advent they will complete a new adventure, from as simple as “give a tree a hug”, or “jump in puddles” to as challenging as “whittle something from wood”. These kids are fairly adept with knives, so there is no great challenge in that for them, but they do love getting my knives out, so any excuse is always welcome. You can, however, adapt the adventures to suit your comfort levels and the abilities of those taking part. Last night was the full moon. It still looks pretty full, so to start us off, tonight we’ll be howling at the moon.

Some ideas include: make a stick creature, find two mini beasts, create a bug hotel, sit outside and note all the sounds you hear, find pictures in the clouds, count the stars, find something that makes you smile, find somewhere peaceful and sit and relax for two minutes, create a picture using leaves. Adapt and create your own, thinking of the space around you, and enjoy connecting to nature right on your doorstep.

Follow us on or on for updates every few days as to how we are getting on. Advent may have started today, but it’s never too late to get started. Keep it simple and joyful and let the nature connection begin.

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