Giant Nests

A really simple activity this time of year in the woods when sticks abound is to create giant nests.  Everything you could need can be found on the forest floor, and great fun can be had finding the perfect spot, perched up on a height looking down if your woodland has any high terrain, or tucked in between trunks and rocks off the beaten track to avoid predators.  Make sure to test it out for comfiness and cosiness once all your hard work is done.

  1. Gather sticks, moss, ferns and leaves.
  2. Place the sticks in the shape of a circle, build up the nest with as many sticks as you can find.
  3. Use the moss, ferns and leaves to fill in the base, making it dry and warm for sitting in.
  4. Take a rest in your new nest, looking up towards the tree crowns for some glorious forest bathing.


The children of Galway Steiner National School taking a rest in their nest.

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