Bird Feeders

I love to celebrate the Winter Solstice, filled with the hope that light brings to our life, and look forward to watching the days lengthen over the coming months. While we may gain more daylight, our days will still be cold and our birds may continue to struggle to find enough food to keep them plump and warm through to spring.

As most of us find ourselves taking a break from work and school at this time of year it is the perfect opportunity to venture into the woods and continue our woodland adventures. On your next trip why not keep an eye out for fallen pine cones which you can bring home with you. These are perfect for creating natural bird feeders which you can hang in your garden to help your garden birds thrive during the rest of the winter months.

Bird Feeders

  1. Collect pine cones from the forest floor.
  2. Allow them to dry out in your warm home, the pine cones will open up, creating space between each scale.
  3. Mix bird seed with solid vegetable fat (I find Cookeen works best), squishing it together with your hands, until it sticks together.
  4. Push the mix into the openings between the scales.
  5. Use cotton or jute twine to hang your cone from tree branches in your garden.
  6. Enjoy watching the birds feeding on your pine cone feeders, returning day after day for more tasty morsels.
  7. Add more seed and fat mix to your cones as necessary.
    Squishing seeds and fat together. Hanging our bird feeders in the woods. Using our binoculars to spot any birds feeding.

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