Sound Maps

I recently spent a few days with my six nieces and nephews, aged 14 down to 5 and a half.  We were all at my mum’s old family home, and as usual, spent most of every day outside, in the sea, on the beach and in the garden.

It was lovely to see all the cousins getting along so well.  It could be noisy at times, but we had a fun period of silence one afternoon, sitting around outside the back door, blind folded, listening to all of the sounds around us and drawing a map of where those sounds came from in relation to ourselves.  I love when an activity can be enjoyed equally by all, the 14 year old as entranced as the 5 year old.  A simple way to stop and connect with all that surrounds you through your sense of hearing.  Another fun nature connection activity for all the family. 

Try it in your garden, in the woods, by the sea shore or any other outdoor space around you. Just place a dot at the centre of the page to represent yourself, and using symbols, words or pictures, map out the sounds you hear relative to where you are.

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