Musical Instruments

With the recent winds and the autumnal equinox just passed there are plenty of leaves freshly fallen to the forest floor ready to be enjoyed in a multitude of ways.  Personally I love the sound of the crisp leaves underfoot as I meander through the woods, noting the different colours, depending on the tree and also during which stage of autumn the leaf fell.

This dry week means that those leaves will be crisp and rustly and in the perfect condition to make some autumnal noise.  Not just by crunching them beneath your feet but by creating your own percussion instrument.

  1. Find a stick no longer than your forearm and break off any twigs or buds that are protruding.
  2. Gather leaves as you walk through the woods, choosing those that attract you either by colour, size or texture.  Dry leaves work best, other than that, all and any will work well.
  3. Pierce the leaves through the middle with your stick, like making a kebab.
  4. Add as many leaves as you wish, shaking your stick as you go, listening to the sounds of the leaves as they rustle together to help you choose the perfect amount.
  5. Gather together and make music.




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