As the weather starts to turn and autumn sets in, many people think that their beach days are over for another year.  Too often we assume that it must be sunny and warm in order for us to pack our bags and head to the sea.  But the seashore provides so much more than sunbathing and sunny swims.  As the tide comes in and then recedes again, we are left with a blank canvas on which to be creative and a wealth of materials from which to choose to decorate it with.  Seaweed, stones, shells and driftwood are just some of the many finds that can transform a clear patch of sand into a wondrous creation.  The more bizarre the better, try crossing a crocodile’s head with a mermaids tail, or a hammerhead shark with an eight tentacled octopus.  There are so many possibilities.  Just don your wellies and your winter woollies and the seashore is your playground.




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